Hazhard Espinoza is a Chilean photographer dedicated to...
Hazhard Espinoza is a Chilean photographer dedicated to documentary and portraiture.
His main focus is long-term personal projects.

Born in Iquique in 2000, he grew up in the neighborhoods surrounding the Antofagasta hills, he grew up surrounded by the immensity of the desert on one side and the infinity of the sea on the other.

Hazhard wants the subjects of his photographs to be remembered, for him the true strength lies in his concern for the human condition, for historical records and for the need to highlight the inequalities of the world.

"We are the only people who do not kill when shooting, we immortalize" .- Luis Zamora

Hazhard Espinoza

Explore the captivating world of Hazhzard Espinoza, a Chilean photojournalist based in Madrid. Specializing in long-term projects and daily immediacy.
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